How it all started

There are 200 000 islands in the Finnish archipelago, one of them is owned by my family. This isn’t something only for some wealthy people, a lot of people have lots or whole islands as summer cottages. many of them doesn’t have water or electricity, and most have only an outhouse, no inside toilets. My parents started by buing half of Furuskär, the islands name, (translated it means Pine Island), and then buying the other half later. First they lived in a small shed, it was about 4m x 2m, with a small loft and the kitchen was outside. Then they build our first cottage, a small house with a sauna connected to it and terraces on both sides. My hardowrking mum and dad realized that the cottage was too small for us when my sister and I started to grow and get bigger. So, we built our house, a three bedroom angled house with a wonderful panorama tower. There I have spent all of my summers, from june to august, we stayed there from when school ended to when school started again.

And now I’m all grown up and its time for me to build my own life and my own memories. On the same island, there is a lot meant for me and my house. The project starts here.


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