Finding an architect

I started looking for an architect a year ago. My initial demands were that the architect had to be young and willing to draw a house according to our needs, not his/her vision. I also wanted an architect that understood the weather conditions on an island, it is a whole different deal designing a house for an inland lake than for the open sea. My parents house is not even 20 years old yet and has undergone major renovations because it was leaking and had mould. This was only because the architect and my parents didn’t realize what wind and rain could do.

Architect #1: I met with an architect in Espoo, he had a long list pof credentials and had built a few houses in a similar archipelago. Everything seemed good and I asked him for an offer. The offer was very well presented, with different options and calculated according to whether the architect also was to be responsible for the building site etc. I learned that you can have an architect draw the house and then have someone else build it. In any case this architect was waaay to expensive, riding on his offices’ past credentials. I also heard rumours that they have had large problems with an eco village they built.

Architect #2: A young promising architect working for his father. He had designed a house in our archipelago I really loved but he was too busy and wanted to graduate first, he wasn’t a qualified architect yet

Architect #3, also a young architect,


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