Planning the buildingsite

Last sunday we were armed with a compass, a long measure tape and a bunch of very long boards. We went on to the building site and walked around it for a bit and then decided where the first corner was to be put. On the site there are three higher spots, and from one of these we started laying out a corner with the boards. We then continued by following the natural bumps and curves on the site.

What we realized when we looked at the site was that it would be very natural to build a L-shaped house, however, I’ve never been fond of L-shaped house but I agreed that a house built in an angle would serve the site best. When we had put out all the boards we needed we found that the site was best when it was indeed in an L but with the 90 degree curve changed into two 135 degree angles, with one part longer than the other.

After drawing up the house on paper, I realized that the far side was to be about 11 m long and 6m wide, while the short side was to be 8m long and 5m wide. I then downloaded a programme called Home Design Studio Pro and here’s what my first design looks like, please comment, I’m very anxious what you think!


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