Sources of inspiration, part 1

As I started thinking about the project, the house, the exterior and interior I became more alert to things around me. Soon my house was flooded by designmagazines and pictures I’ve ripped out of several magaiznes, much to my mothers disdain. However, there are a few pictures that have stayed with me almost a year now, and they are the ones I’m clinging on to.

First, I found a house, an awesome awesome house from Willa Nordic.

The problem with the house is that it’s meant for a slope, as you can see, and the lot I have is fairly flat. What I love about his house is all the angles and the complex roof. I also love the amount of windows, and the right side picture has been my number one inspiration. I want my house to be sea-inspired, looking like a fishing shed but larger and fancier 🙂 Those windows gives me that feeling. I also love love love the color of the house, it will make the house blend in with the background (the ofrest and cliffs) really well and it won’t break the islands’ landline too much.

Then my mother found me a staircase. My first idea of the house was that I wanted it to be a 1 1/2 storey house, with one or two bedrooms upstairs leaving the rest of the house with high ceilings and lots of light. I absolutely loved this idea from the moment I saw it, putting the staircase behind the fireplace, creating a centerpiece to lay eyes on. So lovely. The staircase is from the Classic collection from Drömtrappor, a swedish company. (

I’ve always been fond of the new england style, and I found one house I thought would be great. It’s too squared for my taste but has a great flooplan and looks great.

The house is very american, allthough manufactured by a finnish ready made house maker, Omatalo. You can see the floorplan here:

And then I had the sea. So these four were my insipiration in the start, but I know this project is a process and it will change many times before the outcome is perfect.


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