Inspiration for the day: Shabby Chic

There’s a style I love love love. But too much is too much, everything with a dash of moderation, ofcourse. Shabby chic is a style where you use wornout furniture, that are either worn out by time or made to look worn by sanding them vigorously so that most of the paint is brushed away. Some of it is way over the top, with pluffy sofas and covered chairs and lot’s of fabric. However, I think you can go modern and shabby chic at the same time. By using some pieces of furniture that are old or look old and combining them with modern pieces you get a cool look, which is still softer than just modern and more up to date than by only using old furniture. One good way is by for example taking an older table and using modern chairs. Like this table I found on another blog and Kartells very famous ghost chairs:

I think most of the shabby chic furniture are made by your self, a bucket of light paint and sandpaper will get you a long way. I just found a huge old storage box made out of wood in a dumpster, it’s been in someone’s basement, that will be my first shabby chic project, I’m gona make it into a central piece of furniture at the loft of the house. You can follow this project on the blog later this fall.


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  1. Ooh, lovely ❤ Ja fiilar också helt massor såndärnt, men det vill bli lite "prinsessigt" t.o.m. för mig – just om det är för mycket (vem sku ha trott de?). Your new home is going to be soo fab! Can't wait to see it sis. PUSS

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