Roofs roofs roofs

I’ve never realized that there could be so many different types of roofs.

First you have flat roofs, that can either be completely flat or in an angle, also called shed roof, which you in swedish call pulpettak. These are not very expensive to build and doesn’t take a long time eihter, the look is modern, and rain will only poor down on one side of the house. The roof also enables you to open the fasade in a different way as the roof won’t cover the sight from the windows.

Then you have gable roofs, (sadeltak), the most basic of roofs. This roof gives you more space in the middle of the house and is good if a loft is to built, whereas flat angled roofs give you more height on one side of the house and the other lower.

Then theres gambrel and mansardroofs, these look pretty and one good place to spot them is on the road 51 adjacent to the small airport Degerby. They also give you good height, in the middle and on the edges. However these are more costly to build.

Gable, gambrel and mansardroofs are nice if the house is box-like, then they are easy to use, the more angled a house is the harder the price and the more compromises you will have to make. A gableroof is still easy to build on an angled house, if the house has the same height all through, but if there is one or more places that have height differences more expensive solutions needs to be done. This can also jeopardize the house, because the more complex roofs the more places where rain can get through. But on a house with a simple structure it can still be done, like on this Värsås elementhouse:

But the more angles the more complex it will be, like this

It looks like my house is going to have a flat angled roof, it’s the easiest to build when a house has more angles, and gives me the view I want from all the rooms.


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