The whiskey hut

A friggebod is a small free-standing house that has to be under 15m2 and no higher than 3m to the roof. These small houses do not require any buildingpermission and you can build as many as you want. The name comes from a swedish minister Friggebo who made it possible for people to build these awesome quirky huts.

Since living on island can be quite challenging in terms of wind, it’s always good to have a place to be if the wind happens to blow “in the wrong direction”, some people call them whiskeyhuts, the idea is that the men can withdraw from the party and have a cigar and a whiskey, it kind of works like a billiardroom, just that its on an island i a separate hut. These small huts is also a genious way of placing your guests in more private areas to sleep, it can be quite annoying to have friends stay over and sharing the same house for more than a week, so having these huts is great. I’ve been checking out some alternatives, and now I need to figure out where to place it on the island, it cannot be too far from the house but still not too close either.


Enkelrum, translated as easyroom, has a great set of choices, I love this one because it’s so simple and has a terrace that can be lifted up against the windows for winter to protect from wind and snow. The best thing with it is that it’s delivered in elements, so play tetris and tadaa here’s the house. Awesome!

Another super cool designer Sten Jensen has made a homepage dedicated to these small houses and has made really cool huts, my favorite is the one below, but he has made many other designs from super modern to very traditional, check out


Kungsviken also has a cool hut, because it has a rooftop terrace, this is awesome if you want to enjoy the last rays of sun or have a better view.




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