Quick update

We should be getting a letter in the mailbox any day soon, and that envelope should contain an approval of our application to build the house on the island, yey!

Depending on which archipelago you live in the permission may be harder or easier to get. The process is very lenghty and you need all kinds of extra documents to get the permission even as far as on the right persons’ table. Every lot has a certain basic buildingpermission, where its usually stated how many squaremetres you may build, if you can build one or two storey houses and how you should handle greywater or plumbing etc.

If you want to do something that defers from these rules you need an exception permission. Once the exception has been accepted you can apply for the actual building permission, which is a much more detailed application with all the buildingplans and whatnot. What we have applied for now is the exception, because we want to build a larger house than stated in the rules and a 1 1/2 storey building compared to 1 storey that is stated in the permission.

So now we’ve been waiting to get the permission, because there is no point to put the architects in work before he/she knows that her idea will be okay to start with, if the permission isn’t accepted and the architect would have made a 1 1/2 house, he/she would have to start over, right? So thumbs up everyone, and hopefully the application has been accepted. Then its straight to the drawing board!


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