Hotel inspiration

I recently stayed at a Westin resort hotel and realized that there was a whole list of items you could buy that was part of the interior design in the hotel. I always get inspired by hotel living, it’s simple, no fuss, yet welcoming and cozy. I always check out the bathrooms in the hotels, because making that many bathrooms isn’t cheap, and still they make them look so luxurious with large tiles and details. I surfed on the Westin at Home page ( and surfed a little more and found many other hotels that sell their furniture online. Here’s a compliation of my favourite items. The small include a really nice candle that was placed in the bathroom and really cute shoetrees, if you wonder what they are, they are rectangularly shaped soft cushions filled with lavender that you put in your shoes to get smells out 🙂

You can even buy the entire bed if you like, If you felt like that was the best sleep you have ever had. From westin you get the whole package, including pillows, bedlinens, mattress, all the sheets (3 of them) blankets etc. for the price of 4385€. It really looks like a heavenly bed!

Shutters, a beach hotel in Santa Monica sells beach inspired stuff on their online store,, which of course is exactly what I’m looking for. One of my favourite pieces is this painting, rather pricy (690 us) but really nice and has that neutral luxury feel to it. The right hand picture is a lantern made out of thin metal plated coral, that is a must have!

Hyatt also has a great collections of linens, textiles and decor, I found a really nice vase on their homepage:

Ps. By clicking on the pics you’ll be directed to the hotels’ online stores


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