Quick update as the world of interior design is at standstill

Yup, I usually buy around 5-6 magazines and loads of books and I go regularly to my favourite interior companies websites to check for updates. This month I’ve found one cool rug and a lamp I liked, and that’s it! It seems as if Januarys made everyones interior inspiration to freeze. Oh well, at least our plans are evolving, I made a list of the needs we have for our house in terms of spaces. How many bedrooms, how big the kitchen needs to be etc. It’s also good to consider what the rooms will have inside of them, like the largest pieces of furniture, because it kind of states how big the room should be. For example, I know we need a lot of storage space because I absolutely hate having stuff lying out in the open, so at least one wardrobe in every bedroom. I also want to have a kitchen with a kitchen island, also as a safety precaution, remember, things freeze in winter, also pipes in outer walls. That’s why it’s better to install them in a inside wall or like my plan is: a kitchen island. So by pre-determining what to have in your rooms and how many rooms you need, you basically have a plan of your house.

Next week we’re meeting with the architect to do some sketches and plan the shape of the house and define some things, and then she’s off drawing and I’m off talking to our builder. It is definitely going to be an interesting spring and summer!


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