Good pointers

I realized that I didn’t tell you guys why I chose to have a house that look like this. No, it wasn’t entirely spontaneous, there is some well thought through pointers I thought I’d give you, in case you’re building a house sometime.

Winds: The reason the house is angled is to get a few wind still terraces, trust me, they’ll be needed. A box-like house will not protect from winds. The only wind that will blow straight at the house is the south wind, which is rare in Finland, but the eastern wind creeps trough the forest and so does the northern wind. The room in the top left corner is the living room, and works as a divider which will stop the eastern winds. The northern wind will bother only the back of the house, and if the southern wind starts nagging we can sit at the back of the house.

Sun: The terraces will be covered in sunlight all day, until about 6pm, after that the sun shines through the forest until it sets on the other side of the island. By putting an angle on the sleeping wing of the house the terrace can be built for maximum sunlight hours.

Bedrooms: I tend to have great dinners and long night with friends and family, the way I grew up when I was younger. We used to have huge summer parties with all the neighboring islands’ people coming over with food and wine, we used to stay up until the morning. But in case of us having kids one day it’s a good pointer to keep the sleeping area away from the living room area, so the kids can sleep while grown ups party (great right!). I also decided to place the master bedroom behind the staircase, that way your bedroom will be away from the kids’, you do want to have some privacy later in life too. I also decided to put a loft on top of the kitchen area, to define the kitchen space and have a few extra mattresses in case of crowded parties 🙂 My boyfriend had a great idea of putting a door from the loft to a terrace that would be placed on top of the hall, giving us the last rays of sunlight in the evening and a great view over the sea.

Bathroom and technical: I placed them on the side that has no view, I didn’t want to use the precious view for rooms you don’t hang around in. The pantry and bathroom is separated by a wall so that the pipes can be drawn inside the house and not in an outer wall, the risk of them freezing and exploding is much greater in an outer wall. The water in the kitchen can be drawn to the kitchen island for the same reason.

The kitchen: I’ve always wanted a kitchen with a overlooking view over the dining area. Its important to remember that if you choose to have a kitchen like the people having dinner can see into your kitchen. One way of blocking the view somewhat is to have a higher kitchen island than the rest of the workspaces.It’s always great to have a door from the kitchen out, because you can place the grill and an outdoor kitchen right next to the inside one.

So there, there’s a few pointers, now I’m off planning the landscapes, which is a harder nut to crack 🙂



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