Craving to go

It’s been really really cold. My readers abroad might not even comprehend how cold it is here. -25C makes your nose freeze and your face gets all numb and you can’t feel half of your bodyparts, like your legs if you’re wearing jeans. You need a huge parka and stuffed boots to even have a remote chance of surviving in the cold. Still, I really really really want to go to the island. My bestest of friends Jenni sent me a picture, she’s out there with her family for the week. You’re probably thinking, how in the H*ell? Well, by car of course! The ice is currently thick enough to drive on! Before last winter many years went by with no or very little ice. I remember being a kid going out to the island like this, and now I miss it like crazy!

I’m trying desperately to get out there until the ice starts to melt, because when the ice gets weak and starts melting you cannot go by car, snowmobile or boat, the ice is too thin or too thick, we call it menföre, don’t know what its called in english, but check this pic out! Craving to go..


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