Quick update on the house project

It’s starting to look good! Just got the latest version of the houseplan from the architecht, and it’s so close to done I can almost feel it. There was just a few things I wanted to correct and change, but the rooms and largest furniture are all in place. Biggest questionsmarks are windows and ceiling height, as well as where the fireplace should be, but the house is going to look so amazing once its done. I’m also going to call a gardener I know and start planning the surroundings, because in summer when we start digging we might as well dig for the garden as well, its not that easy to get a bulldozer to an island.

I also happened to talk to a builder who told me that I couldn’t have built a house this summer anyways, as orginally planned because you cannot get material. The recession has made the factories work on spare flame, and has cut down production so waiting time can be up to 6 months for tiles and flooring! Thats crazy! So now when we start doing the ground this summer and building in 2012 I’ll have time to get everything we need in time.



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