Getting professional help

I decided to get some help. Professional help. No, not the stuff you associate this sentence with, but an interior stylist. I’ve had some really bad experiences with interior designers before so I really wanted to avoid one of those, architects over all have a tendency to try and put their own mark on everything while stylists just wants to help the customer finding the right mix and match of things. I see it as a an extra hand when going shopping for furniture, a friend to say “hold your horses” when I want to gallop away in interior heaven. Someone to give me good tips on where to find things and where I can find similar things to those I love but are too expensive, like the Riviera Maison chair for almost 500€/piece (!!)
Anyhow my stylist, Maja Sundelin, came over today to have a small chat and see the drawings and we have the same ideas about the house, textures and furniture. We found out we have a very similar taste and we both like DIY solutions and cool details. Now we just need to start looking for items in shops and on fleemarkets and ordering materials. Material orders can take up to 9 months so to be sure that I have them in time I need to get them latest next fall. But buying everything and more importantly finding everything takes time, so we need to start looking and take our time, everything needs to be just right, right?


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