Maalaa maailmasi

Is the slogan of a finnish paint company called Tikkurila it means color your world. I love that slogan, I’m not usually fond of wallpaper so I figured I had to find some colors for the interior. The exterior of the house is going to be treated in a substance called FeSO4, Ferrous Sulfate (rautavitrioli), which gives the house a greyish tint which will get darker with age. The window frames are going to be white. As the outside is greyish, and our bedroom is going to have the wallpaper I showed you in my previous post, Cape Cod from

I figured I might as well take inspiration from the bedroom and outside colors to do the rest of the interior. If there’s anything I’ve learned about interior design it’s that its best if there is one theme that connects all of the rooms, it can be a color, the floor, some details etc. I love love love storm blues, light pastel blues, well all of the blues in the wallpaper on the left.

So I surfed, and surfed a little more on tikkurilas website and found these colorcharts. I love alot of their colors, like their new Zen stain, (petsiväri), especially the two greyer colors, Raku and Samurai. I think the bedroom in the picture must be painted with the Samurai tint.







I also found their range of natural colors, like the blue and violets, I like the color viikuna, petrooli and loitsu, delft and saana the most. Suitsuke and näköala are also really pretty.












From the cold earthy colors I like takorauta, tyrsky, bungalow and akaatti the most. Mantteli is also cool. Crap so many color to chose from and so many I like. I think the Zen color take the prize for now, its really hard to picture some of these color on large surfaces, like a whole room. The bungalow is lightest so maybe that one but suitsuke isn’t bad either. Hmm.. Help me?



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  1. Jag var igår och söka målfärgen till en vägg i köket och en vardagsrummet. Det är underligt hur annorlunda de ser ut på datorn. Jag valde Takorauta till båda väggarna, och tänker gnida silver Taika-helmiäislasyyri på efteråt med en handduk eller nåt. Vet inte alls hur det blir men det är ju spännande så 😀

    Jag rekommenderar att du går och tittar helt livenä på olika färger. T.ex. på byggnads- eller remontmässor brukar Tikkurila ha en avdelning var de visar vissa färger på större ytor, eller sen på bostadsmässan, fast den är i Karleby (kanske lite långt att åka?) i år.

    Hur långt har du kommit med projektet? 🙂

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