Digging up trouble

I have a lot of digging to do, 110 square metres, about 1.5m deep. The reason is that the house is being built in a shallow pit between two cliffs. It’s not a very good idea to leave place for water to gather under a house, it may start smelling and even worse, damage the house. So we need to excavate and then make drains going from the pit and then fill the whole things with sand, so when water comes down into the pit it will go into these drains and they will take it out to a better place for it.

This digging is going to result in loads of big rocks and roots and lots and lots of dirt. Trouble is that we can’t bring in heavy artillery because it will damage the earth to much so I called a gardener today who’s brother has a mini-digger and a bobcat so they promised to come and do the work with me. He’s going to move the rocks found and make a low wall around the huge juniper on my lot. I also need to remove about ten trees as soon as I get out to the island, and I’m going to have to use dynamite to get the roots away. Hate to do it but I’ll make up for it with new trees, promise 🙂


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