Adding up some numbers

As most of you know, building a house isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. And saving up by buying cheaper, low quality materials is only going to backfire, but by having a rough calculation and by ordering in time and using good contacts I might be able to save up some money. I recently noticed that macs have an equivalent program to excel called numbers, and it has a house inventory and a pretty good budget template. How awesome is that! But first I needed to know what numbers I’d put in to the budget. Yesterday I attended a building course hosted by the finnish small house builders association, PRKK (pientalorakentamisen kehittämiskeskus), and here’s their estimate of costs for a 155sqm on floor house:

Building (incl. planning, fees, government costs): 17500€

Land and groundwork: 22500€

Foundation and footing: 22500€

Load bearing walls and framing: 55000€

Rooms, doors, inside walls, fireplace and pipes: 37500€

Surfaces and finish: 35000€

Kitchen and bathroom, white goods: 15000€

Pipes, water and ventilation: 37500€

On the site costs (tools, transportation, insurance): 17500€

Bathroom and kitchen furniture and white goods: 15000€

So all in all this ads up to 260000€ according to the normal standards of building, and considering my house is on an island the transportation is going to take more time and cost more and insurances are going to be more expensive. Nowadays banks won’t give out loans without a carefully made budget so my builder is going to make a similar calculation based on the prices we can get with the “complications” of building on an island and then I’m off to the bank. Fingers crossed 🙂



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