How is your house coming along?

I hate hate hate it when I come home from the store with fresh magazines and then find nothing to inspire me. Grrr & Sigh.. The worst thing is that I usually buy the same magazines because one or two numbers have been good, but like my inspiration so does the magazines seem to run out of ideas every now and then. Good thing my project is coming along. I can tell you that the plans was sent in today to the government! This weekend I’m heading out to the island to check out what winter has done to the place, mark out the trees that need to be taken down and calculate how much needs to be excavated for the house. I’ll show you some pictures next week!

I’ll also give you an update on a process of getting an ecological drainage system, which really isn’t the easiest thing, as soon as I get more info. Also I’m trying to find a fireplace, a proper floor and a decent kitchen, if you have any tips, bring it!

What I can give you right now is my first item I got for the house!!! I always wondered what it would be, and it turned out it wasn’t me who was going to buy it, it was my dear friend Anna. She bought it for my birthday, yey!

Riviera bucket


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