Ups and downs

A week ago when I left the lot and started driving back to the city I felt really happy and excited, it felt like I’ve really made a difference and taken a step towards building the house. Today as I left..not so much. We’ve managed to take down 10 trees in 15h and we still have 20 to go, and just a few weekends before the digging need to begin in order for the schedule to go as planned. All I’m saying is thank god for TALKO, a very finnish concept, but a very good one. Read about it or read my explanation below.

The idea is that you get some friends together to help you out, and the pay is booze and food, often in that order. So everybody lends a hand! Talkoot are often organized to clean up parks or communities, opening up the summer house for the summer, building something for a community or a school etc.

But my talko is going to be a woodchopping, lumberjackin’, timbering talko, so everyone who feels like a lumberjack, please report to me 🙂




As a sidenote:

I started thinking about the costs so far, because we haven’t really started yet and still it feels like I’m paying bills here and there. You also need to remember the hidden costs, like transportation, hourly pay for me and my boyfriend, food and drink etc.

Gasoline: 90€, Food&Drink: 150€, 15h work * 20€/h=300€, Planning costs so far: 7000€, so we’re up in 7540€, and all we’ve done so far is plan the house and cut down 10 trees.


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