Thinking 3D

One of the hardest things I’ve learned during this project (so far) is to think dimensions, proportions and in most of all in 3D. When you draw a floorplan, it might be good to measure out an existing room to get the feeling of a 12 sqm bedroom or a 7m long kitchen table top. It is absolutely impossible to do so without training. I did it before I went to bed with my eyes closed, trying to picture the house as I’m standing inside it and turning left, right, looking up, down etc. But still, when my architect Sofie Hägerström said that the roomhight was going to be 2,5 to 3m it sounded like a low ceiling to me, when it’s actually a normal ceiling height. So for you guys who’ve tried to figure out the dimensions of the house, here are some cut-throughs from Sofies’ architect programme. It’s exactly like I pictured it with my eyes closed! Comments comments!


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