Floors floors floors

While everything else seems to fall into place by itself, floors, which is obviously a great part of the house, has been a huge questionmark for me. First I had planned all white rooms but I’m afraid it would be quite boring and have no depth in it, since the roof and walls are wood panel it would be very, very white. Like this:

From loveisntenough.com

I’ve also been a bit sceptic with white floors since I have a dog and I tend to run in and out in shoes or barefoot so all dirt and sand will be dragged into the house. On a white painted floor you could see this immediately and that would drive me mad. A painted floor also gets scratches that are very visible to the eye. Then there is the soap-washed kind of wood floors, but they require special washing and cleaning, and I can’t be bothered.

So here is what I’ve planned:

In the hallway and the middle part of the house I will install stone tiles, because they can handle the dirt and sand and won’t look so dirty. I fell in love with these tiles!

Corten 60x120 by Lhådös kakel

In the rest of the house I was thinking about a grey greyish oak hardwood floor, it looks very graphic and cool, and you won’t see sand or dirt on a grey floor. So I found a program where you can test different Karelia&Upofloor hardwood floors in different setting and here are my favourites, please help me choose!

Karelia Oak Full Plank Stonewashed Volcanic Ash

Karelia Oak Full Plank Stonewashed Platinum

Upofloor Oak Full Plank 138 Silver


One response

  1. Vastavierailulla!

    Meillä on nykyisessä kerrostalokodissa tumma lattia (Upofloor kempas) ja enää en halua näin tummaa lattiaa (tosin tämä on punaruskea, ei harmaa). Koirankarvat ja pölypallerot näkyy tummaa vasten ihan liian hyvin. Tulevaan kotiin haaveilen vaaleanharmaasta lattiasta joka ei ole ihan tasaisen värinen, se voisi toimia koirankarvojen/pölyn/hiekan piilotamisessa parhaiten. Huoh…siivoaminen on niin tylsää 😉

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