How it all began

As I was cleaning out my mailbox I found the first mail I sent to the architecht I planned to hire, who then forwarded me to my architecht Sofie Hägerström.

Apparently I was very clear about what I wanted from the start, and i must say, now that the project has started, I still haven’t changed my mind. Here’s what I wrote

“Hi, it was so nice meeting you yesterday, here’s the email I promised.

Facts about the municipality: My island belongs to a municipality that recently merged with an other municipality. According to the inspector this will mean an adjustment in the buildingpermits regarding the size of the houses, and will most probably mean that the square meters one is permitted to build will be increased. Attached is a picture of the lot and the explanations of the permits regarding that lot. I’m hoping to be able to build a 160m2 house.

The island and its environment: The island, as you can see, is located in a very exposed location. Wind is always coming from some direction, and sometimes the wind might blow straight at the lot from the sea. We already have one house that’s rotten because we chose the wrong building materials for the wrong location. When it rains, the rains horizontally and goes into every crack and space it can get to. This means that my house needs to take any weather condition. Another problem is that the islands nature is very fragile and I wouldn’t want any huge cranes or bulldozer destroying everything. I was thinking about buying ready made elements, but I have no proof that they would withstand the forces of nature and I’m worried I would take down half the island if I’d try to transport them to the building site.

Time: I know a very skilled builder that knows our archipelago, he built a house on a neighboring island. I’ve booked him for the summer of 2012, and I hope the house will be build in one summer. The idea is to do the foundations in fall 2011 and build the house starting spring 2012. before that all the permits needs to be okayed.

Idea: Here’s the fun part. My problem is that I already know what the floor plan should look like, I have it all planned in my head. Ie. I know what rooms I want and how they should be placed. What I don’t know is what the facade should look like and how its going to come together.  The site is on a hill with view to the sea and I want big windows and sliding doors towards the sea. I want to be able to open my house to summer. This might be a problem, in terms of isolation, but that’s your problem to solve 🙂
The house needs to have at least three bedrooms, one on a second floor. The kitchen and livingroom can be in the same room, I don’t like small rooms and want large spaces and high ceilings. The houses’ interior is coastal, New Port inspired. The house has to be blueish-grey, it’s just something I’ve decided. The master bedroom can have a balcony and bathroom. So in short I want a villa that is traditional but doesn’t look old-fashioned. 

So, does this sound like your cup of tea?”


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