There’s more copies of this than the bible

Only one book has been printed in more copies than the Bible, and that is the IKEA-catalogue. I am in love with that blue and yellow building that holds so much for so cheap. I’ve carried IKEA furniture to and from London and restacked, rebuilt and repieced them together every time. IKEAs furniture is the kind of furniture, than when mixed with other decor it looks awesome and apart from their bestsellers, people can never guess its IKEA, they always assume it’s something else. IKEA is almost a cult brand, and there’s a site that is completely dedicated to remaking IKEA furniture, I get so much inspiration from that site, it’s called

The IKEA catalogue is about to come out, they have a funny campaign, print out a tag that say’s: “YES to the IKEA catalogue” and stick it on your door before 14.8 and the mailman will pop a catalogue in your mailbox. I’m so doing it! You can check out parts of the IKEA 2012 catalogue here:

Say Yes to the Ikea catalogue


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