That what everyone in the vicinity of the island is going to hear this week. My lot is going kaboom!

The workleader and two guys came out to mark out the lot as it was planned. It was cool to watch, they had put all the coordinates into a machine and then it told the measurer when he was in the right position, and there we drilled a hole and put a metal rod in so that we could see where the house will be. After all the rods were put into the ground we realized that we would be able to lower the house 40cm (!that’s alot btw) by moving the house 2m southwest and half a metre east from that point. This way we wouldn’t have to blow up so much of the rocks underneath. But as there is a lot of water on the lot we still need to detonate a few dynamites.

The little elevation in the middle of the picture needs to be "kaboomed"

Where the cliff rises in the back of the picture, we'll have to make a canal for the water and put drainpipes in it.


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