From kaboom to building

Pheew, work is piling up on my desk at work, and I’ve got Pyleonephritis, an infection in the pelvis of the kidney. Just because I’m moaning it doesn’t mean that the work on the island would stop. Oh no, quite the contrary. My Dad has been the superhuman he is and has fixed everything this week. The whole lot went KABOOM on sunday, today the last of the blown up shards of rock are being transported to the harbor where we’ll strengthen the pier with it and then he even managed to sell some of the rocks to some dude who also needs it for his pier.

Then, he tells me, that Tomas, the guy who is going to build the house can start on monday!! Holy cow, it’s actually starting!! But, there is two mini-problems. First: A guy from the municipality needs to come out and approve the coordinates of the house. Honsetly, I don’t think he’ll be able to come this week. Then, the other problem is that we need 30 000 kilos of stuff transported to the island, off the barge and loaded onto platforms close to the building site. So I’m going to need strong men to help me, and fast!


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