Material list

In my previous post I said I needed 30 000 kilos of stuff to be carried, and strong men to help me do it. If 6 guys carry 30 000 kilos, it’s 5000 per head, 2500 per day, if you lift 30 kg per time, thats 166 times, 83 per day. An atv can carry about 300 kilos, so that’s 100 times with the atv back and forth, 50 per day. Totally doable. I counted that on a normal gym work out I lift a total of 675 + 450 + 450 + 1125 = 2700, so you boys should easily be able to help me, right?

So what we’re going to carry? Well, buildingmaterials, just for the foundation, from the barge, to the lot, either with atv or just by manpower. Here’s my dads calucaltions:


Lenght: 65,4m, average height 0.83m, base width: 0,2m

Concrete volume: 65,4 x 0,83  x 0,2 = 55,6 cubic metres x 1,1= 61 cubic metres of concrete. Then we need some extra to fill holes and make pillars, and to make the foundation to the fireplace.

Planks, 22 x 100, 65,4 x 0,83, about 54,5 square metres x 10 planks/ square metre 1,2x double sides = 1310 m of planks

Pillar planks 50 x 100, 3 laps around x 2 sides x 65,4m x 1,2 = 471m of pillars

Concrete irons 16mm or 14 mm, with 1m, 65,4 x (height 0,83m + drill and height above base 0,42m) x 1,2 = 98,1m / 6m per iron = 17 6m 16mm long irons







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