Change of plans..

I hate, I absolutely hate, when people are trying to change my mind about things, especially when it’s about something I really don’t comprehend (or care about). See, the thing is, that compared to my dad, I trust the people involved in this project, and I trust their opinion. So when it came to discussing the terrace material we ended up in a complete dead end.

I had thought that the terrace in between the two wings should be the same material as the wooden panel on the outer walls, larch, but then my dad got worried about the elevation of the terrace and that there would be the risk of snow and water pushing towards the house and thereby creating a risk of water damage. So he suggested we should cast it in concrete and then put stone tiles on top. My first reaction was complete HORROR, because I just couldn’t see it in my head. I had already discussed the matter with my builder and he carefully disagreed with my dad, (to my relief) and we decided to postpone the decision until next summer. So we we were at a dead end until just now. I changed my mind.

Not that I care about elevations or building techniques etc., but I saw the most amazing picture in Sköna Hem no 9, of a floor continuing from the indoors to the outdoor, creating an almost invisible line between inside and outside, making the living space much larger. The terrace became a room of it’s own by just linking it to the inside with the same floor. So now I can tell my dad, who will be very pleased, that we will cast the terrace in concrete and put stone tiles on top. And the best news is that I don’t have to change the tiles I chose, because they are good for outdoors aswell.

Here’s the tile I chose. Please tell me what you think!!

Pukkila Must Argento, size 30×60

I tried to find as good pictures as in Sköna Hem, but I found these two, they might give you a picture of what I mean.


ps. I’m quite sure this will not be the last time I change my mind 😉




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