Project next

I’ve been in a coma with my buildingproject, I had a “fight” or shall we call it a disagreement with my architect, regarding the stairs and redesign the roof so the stairs will fit. She thought it was hard to get approval and that it would change too much of the plans, while I said just do it.. Anyways it sort of put me off my game and I haven’t felt like planning anything since. I realize though that I can’t just drop down on the floor and throw a fit like a crybaby, I need to get myself in the game again. So here’s my next projects that needs to be done before end of the year:

Choose a kitchen (I have three offers now, waiting for the fourth)

Plan the bathroom (I think I’ll design it with Pukkila, because the other tiles are from Pukkila)

Get my architect on board again and get her to draw the stairs I want (just needs to be done)

Start counting the materials and how much of everything I need (maybe I’ll give this task to my boyfriend 🙂  )




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