Yey! I had completely forgot the whole electricity ordeal. I tried to order electricity to the building site and my house from the finnish Fortum.

Here’s how it went down:

Me: “Hi, I would need some electricity cables drawn to my lot from the main central, please”

They said: “oh no problem, we’ll just hook you up with some electrical poles and you’ll have electricity before snow falls”

and I said: “Whoa! I don’t want no poles on my island, are you crazy?? One tree falls in the storm and bye bye electricity”

there was an awkward silence which followed with: “Well then.. in that case, if we have to dig the cables into the ground, it will take.. lets see.. a year”

to which I said: “WHAT!? In a years time my house will be ready and with this schedule apparently a house with no electricity, no,no,no, I can’t do that, isn’t there any way we can solve this”

Fortum guy: “Well, if you could dig the ditches yourself we could have it done faster, but I don’t suppose you have a excavator” and laughs

Me: “Well actually we do have a excavator, and I have a guy who knows how to use it” (my dad has always had his own excavator, it has come in handy more times than you think!)

Fortum guy stops laughing abruptly: ha-ha-h.. well then.. erhm, I’ll just send you over the papers and get you set up.

Me: okay, thanks, I’ll dig the ditches, and you get me electricity, great, byebye


Yesterday the guy who works as a contractor for Fortum calls me and says: I saw the ditches on the island, looked good, we’re ready to go as soon as the ice melts in spring. AWE-SOME!


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