Thinking grand

I’ve come up with a new profession: interior design broker, I tell the person what I need and he’ll find it for me. I’m tired of looking for things hard to find, and it makes me feel stupid, because I have the biggest search engine in all history, the internet, and still I’m struggling, how the hell did my parents do it, and with such dignity?

I have some crazy ideas, and I need to find them somewhere, because I’m fixed on them and cannot complete my interior without. Laugh if you want, but its me.

I’m looking for a old shiptrunk, a wildebeest hide, a buddha head at least 1m high in concrete, a handmade stair and a handmade table, made from a log found on my island, copies of the awesome chairs I found on riviera maison, but half the price. If someone who reads this know where I’d find these things, please ‘elp.


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