We’re stuck!

Sigh and double sigh.. My mother always says I’m a pessimist, but I see myself as a realist. My project has been going so well that I just couldn’t believe it would be so easy, and it wasn’t.. Murphys law ” everything thatcan go wrong will go wrong.” and now it feels like trouble has started. My construction planner hasn’t made the plans for me, and that is driving me and my architect mad. We cannot continue the planning without his plans and now we’re stuck. When I confronted him about it he got mad and suggested I’d find another planner. My dad pops in and out of the project, slipping comments and then changing his mind the next day on things. My architect has redrawn the plans so many times now because of this and also my own comments that I’ve lost count. We need to order windows asap because it might take a long time to make them and without the construction plans we cannot order windows. I also need to calculate the floors and order floormaterial, and start making the list of all material we need, but I cannot do that without the construction plans so I’m stuck. All this the same time I’m working my ass off at work, and now my boss tells me that the extended vacation I had planned next summer in order for me to be at the worksite maximum amount of time is not okay, so now I’m worried the house won’t get ready in time. Frustrating stuff but I really hope it clears out soon.


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