HTFI=Hard to find interior

I want, I want, I want, the question is how to find it and for a reasonable price. When I get an idea in my head of something I want in the house, it’s hard to let go of the thought and I’m almost obsessive of finding the things I’m looking for. My boyfriend thinks that I’m crazy half of the time and manic the other half 🙂 

One thing I really want is old sliding doors, like doors from an old barn. I found one on a site called,


I’m also looking for old pipes, it’s hard to explain but when I used to live in London I used to go to this restaurant called Antonios ristorante on a back alley of Upper Street, Islington. It’s one of Londons best hidden secrets, and has the most amazing food (last time I was there I ate a black truffle risotto that almost made me shed happy tears). But the reason I mentioned the restaurant is that they have the coolest wine rack in the whole world, built of pipes and pipe “joints”. I found a picture on their website, it’s a bit murky but the joint make holes for the winebottles’ necks and make nice shelves for the rest, cool huh? Image


Then I’m also looking for a blue wildebeest fur, which isn’t the easiest thing to find but I’m certain I will find it somewhere. 

So are these ideas as crazy as my friends think they are? I think now 🙂

And oh yeah, I also want a meter high buddha head, cooockoo!



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