Okay, so I moved on from my kitchen planning to the bathroom. I’ve been going maniac again: I found a dream bathroom in a magazine, more specifically a dream basin, tore it out, and didn’t remember to write down the source or anything. The only thing I found was the photographers name, so I found him online and found out the site he had been shooting at. From there I googled the site and architects and managed to find the interior designers of the place. So I e-mailed John Beven, the contact I found to Wilkinson Beven Design that had made the interiors and he has been very helpful, he’s trying to track down that stone basin, but now I need to consult my bathroom designer as I need the measurements for the perfect size for the basin. I just can’t get stuff out of my head once I’m determined to find it. So now you’re probably bursting to know what it looks like, well here it is!

Stone basin

By Wilkinson Beven design

Wilkinson Beven Design Ltd did a fantastic job on the chalet in which this basin is, check out the pictures for example here:



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