So tired of this..

project! Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m going to be the happiest person alive once it’s done but right now I’m exhausted. Building a house is all about baby steps, but when there’s a million of them, and you don’t know exactly how many steps there still is to go, you get tired. On my to-do-now list is still:

– planning the bathroom

– doing the finishing touches on the kitchen planning

– planning the fireplace, I found one I really love!


– Finding someone to build my staircase for me

– Choosing the window manufacturer

– Planning the electricity to the house

– Ordering the tiles and the stone floor to the house

– Sending out the materials’ list and comparing prices

– Finding a electrician who owns a boat

– Planning the garden!

– Ordering a wallpaper from Sweden and not to mention finding all the furniture and textiles.

So much to do.. So stressed right now, but like I said, it’s baby steps, and you can, if you want and have the opportunity, you can use proffessional help, like my friend My, she’s a interior designer, she’s going to help me with my bathroom sink, and my other friend Maja who’s been helping me with the interiors is going to help me with the sizes and proportions of the furniture, it’s much easier to find furniture once you know what size you’re able to have in that space. It’s the worst if you end up with too large furniture or furniture not made for that space.



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