Thanks for nothing Pukkila

I had been looking for a tile to match the floor, a blackish tile with silvery shine. I found one in Sweden, and loved loved loved it, but decided to go looking for similar ones and found one in Pukkila. So I told them, in november, that I will need 100 square metres of this tile. Then in February I went there to plan my bathroom, with that exact tile as floor. The planner in Pukkila made me some suggestions, which I wasn’t very happy with, and even after the changes I wasn’t happy. I don’t think it was her fault, I might have been a difficult customer and not able to tell her exactly what I wanted but stil.. Anyway, I decided to go with Maja, my stylist, to look at some tiles and plan the bathroom myself in Pukkila. When I get there they tell me the tile I wanted is sold out and out of production, and this has been in their knowledge since three weeks ago! Thank you really so so much! It’s not like I not already have heart palpitations and trying to get as much done as possible, I’ve ordered the kitchen surface and the parquet and now all has to be re-planned. So I wen’t over to Laattapiste, got really great service and they ordered me a whole pile of test pieces to try match to the floor. I also ordered a bigger piece of the swedish tile, hopefully it will be good and in my price range. So learning point taken: Never trust the planner, always double and triple check the availability of the tiles you are looking for.




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