Cuckoo in the head

I was told to relax during easter holiday, apparently I’m having heart palpitations due to the fact that my time is divided by three very time and energy consuming things: 10h work days, building a house in the archipelago and training for the half marathon. Now I’m in a flu so I can’t go running, it’s a holiday so I can’t work (although I already did some work today hihi) and I was forbidden to do any interior activities during easter and just relax. Going from 100 to 0 in less than a second at the doctors and I’m going CRAZY! What do people do to fill their time?? Oh this boredom! Yesterday we went to celebrate a friends birthday and they thought Tequila would be fun. That tequila certainly fixed this day for me, because I now have to concentrate on just staying alive and not die on the sofa from the hangover, but tomorrow I’ll be bouncing off the walls unless somebody comes up with something I can do. Maybe I should bake a croquembouche? 🙂



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