= the feeling of realizing that the project at hand is bigger than big.

I started the island season this weekend. Thank god I had Jonne and his dog Jade with me because there was so much to do (and still is, hence the title)! I knew we had a spring cleaning ahead and some maintenance to do on the old house but had no idea what was to come. We went over to my part of the island only to realize that our handy man had made a mild understatement by saying “it isn’t that bad”. What he meant was that no trees had fallen over building or damaged anything during the winter that came with lots of storms. The understatement derives from that he forgot to mention that there were 16 fallen trees plus the whole place was covered in small pine tree branches fallen in the storms. One tree had missed the wood shed by a meter, another had aimed at the outhouse and missed and one cut off the path to the sauna. The rest were lying about, it looked like a team of giants had been playing Micado and gotten tired. So, we took the chainsaw, an axe and got to work!


Micado in the forest


Some trees had been chopped off by the wind right in half!



A crocus, (lat. crocus vernum) made my day brighter

It really felt so overwhelming, and knowing I’m going to handle all this on my own was almost to much to take in. Thank god we cured my overwhelmization with some wine, dine and the first flower of the year gave me hope.


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