Have I become a designer or what?

I’ve told you before I get these obsessions, people usually laugh, one of those worried laughs like haha, funny, but really thinking “is she absolutely mental?”. Well, my biggest obsession so far is the sink I talked about in my post “Babysteps”: https://moodhouse.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/babysteps-5/

So the story continues, I found a company who can make a sink, in Bali and ship it here! Craziness! I got a bit sceptical on how they are going to get it here intact and wether it would stay under 300kg like needed. Then my interior stylist Maja tipped me about a company in Finland that make the most beautiful sinks I’ve ever seen, they’re called Sisustusbetoni, and the material they use is concrete. The only problem is that they have a weight limit of 180 kg and the design I want is closing on 300 kg (oops!). So.. now I’m back to square one, and designing the sink all over again because the company in Bali wants more accurate measurers. I had trouble picturing the sink so I did scaled-down versions of it in paper!

My miniature sinks 🙂

I came to the conclusion that the best measurement is 180 cm long, 30 deep and 30 tall. I messaged the company, lets hope they give me the answer I want to hear!


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