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Okay, so I ordered a whole bunch of stuff to get the project going, to be honest I don’t know if it’s a lot or not, but anyways it takes a whole barge to do it. First I had trouble finding the men to carry, because where I live it’s in the middle of sowing for the farmers and all the companies have projects similar to mine booked. I even went as far as talking to my cousin but he couldn’t come either, and a guy I met at the motorcycle fair in february, how desperate am I? So then I called a local handy man who agreed to help and to get some of his friends to come help him, so that’s all set. BUT! Then the guy who owns the barge told me that it wasn’t going to be ready next week so I managed to get my dad to persuade another barge owner to postpone his vacation to transfer my stuff, so now it seems like all is good. The list of stuff is really long, here it is, apparently this is what you need to build the exterior (exept the paneling)


Laminated veneer lumber
51 x 300 x 4210  24 pcs
51 x 300 x 5410  39 pcs
51 x 300 x 3500   2 pcs
51 x 200 x 6000  10 pcs
51 x 200 x 4300  14 pcs
Impregnated wood
48 x 98 x 60m
48 x 198 x 210m
22 x 125 x 300m
100mm x 70m
150mm x 70m
48 x 198 x 6000 150pcs
22 x 100 x 10 000
48 x ?    x 20 000
Wind proof plates
25mm 110st
Gluelam beam
140 x 405 x 10500
225 x 140 x 2280
140 x 140 x 5100
140 x 140 x 5100
BMF corner disks
90 x 90 x 60 x2,5 300st
Nails: 4×40 “kampanaula” 2000 st
23 x 120mm 150m2
roofing felt
roofing felt (base material)
metal sheet
Plus 30 something rafters. 



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