Distance building

Okay so I’m in Helsinki and this weekend it’s all going down at the building site, all the materials I listed and the 42 rafters for the house is going to be lifted onto a barge tomorrow and taken to the island. I manage the transports and the logistics by nervously blabbering on the phone to all people involved until they make stuff happen. It’s remarkably time and energy consuming to link one builder, two logistics companies, two suppliers, a work force of three and the barge driver so that they are all informed of each others timetables and doings and that they all appear on the same island at the same day at the same time, with me not being there. There is also continuously some misinformation because they all take initiative and call each other but forget to keep me informed. Like my barge driver who discussed with one supplier and decided to change the port of discharge, but forgot to tell me, my builder AND the second supplier. Good thing I had that fixed before everything would have gone bonkers.

On a positive note, my mums and dads builders’ were bored (M&D are also building a house) as the barge with their stuff was late so they decided to take the short ride to my island and help me with my 26 fallen trees! Yey!

On saturday I’m going on vacation, in a city with a 10 hour time difference so then I’ll be so out of office and out of building project it isn’t even funny. I pray everything goes according to plan and that I don’t have to a) have cold sweats the whole trip or b) take a plane home.


My view to the north


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