The world keeps turning

I was away for a week on holiday and when I get back my builder calls to ask me if I could get him the last things he needs for the roof! My mum and dad went over to check the process during the weekend and all they could do was gape, mouth wide open, to the progress. The 12th of May all the stuff was delivered, and a little more than a week later he is asking for roof materials, geez! BTW, it took three guys 12 hours to carry all the stuff from the dock to the site!

I asked my builder why he thinks the house won’t be ready this year (that’s what he said) and he answered soberly that now everything big is getting up and done which makes it look like huge process but that later on in the project it will seem like nothing is happening for weeks when he goes into the details. So now I ordered the stuff he needs for the roof, the windows will be arriving in five weeks and then the kitchen, the tiles, the floor, the bathroom sink, and everything else, so excited!


The house seen from the sea

My dad and builder discussing important stuff 🙂

It’s starting to look like a house ❤


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