Man, what are you eating? I want what you are having!

That was what Casi, my boyfriend, said when he saw the house. It was the first time he saw it after the project recommenced this year. It has really made progress! My builder has a great sense of humour so he answered: “I have none left, all pills are out due to your girlfriend” 🙂 My builder probably thinks I’m crazy but I think he likes me, because I let him do what he sees as the best solution and always ask him what he thinks. He also has an eye for esthetics, which is great 🙂 My cousin came to help out for a month, he was immediately put to work and he said he was a bit sore today, I’m so happy to have him help me ❤

Here’s the progress from last week, and me looking in and out from our many doorways.

The to-be livingroom


The livingroom and bedroom “wing” and me peaking out of the doorway to the livingroom.

The upstairs bedroom, beneath the kitchen, far behind is the bathroom and storage. Taken from where the fireplace is to stand.

Me, in my very wierd building-outfit standing in what is to be the doorway to the dining area from the terrace

Our bedroom up on the “shelf”


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