The moment they’ve all warned me about

Everything is going smooth, everything is good, yey yey. That’s what my blog has been sounding like for the past months, but now the problems starts. When you build a house, especially in the archipelago, it’s all about cause and effect and chain reactions. Everyone told me that it won’t be a smooth sail into harbour, oh no, that there would be obstacles and delays and things that brake etc.etc.

So, my builder told me he needed the planks for the eaves, that is the over hanging lower part of the roof. When you build a roof in felt or other material you need to start from the edges and work yourself upwards towards the rim, so no eaves, no roof. So I ordered them, and here’s a lesson to learn from my mistakes, do not trust the salesman, he might not know the situation in the production line. So I was told I would get them in the end of the week, last week! Then I called him and to my chock they will not arrive until earliest friday, more likely the beginning of next week! This means my builder is out of work for a week! Now you’re thinking, isn’t there anything else he can do? The answer is no, which brings me back to the chain reactions, you see, you cannot put the first layer of the floors, that is the large plates that goes under, before the roof is up. The windows and outside panels will arrive a week after midsummer, that is the 28th this month, and the roof and the floors needs to be done by then. The panels need to be put up immediately as they arrive and the windows will take at least a day to install. I’m glad its just late by one week, but one week in a finnish summer is a long time and I really hope my builder we’ll be able to get that time back!


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