What part of sea transport do you not understand?

Is what I said to the very smooth talking but not so trustworthy sales guy. When building in the archipelago, and with me for that matter, there is no such thing as “sometime next week”. I want a date and a time. The reason for this is the barge. There are three barges in our archipelago, two of which can load trucks and heavy things, and then a smaller one for smaller loads. But the barges have a lot of work, and they move from Inkoo to Turku and back, veeeeery slowly. This means that if you do not book a barge onto a specific date, you will not get your stuff transfered to the island building site, in a very long time. So today when my sales guy said “it’ll arrive next tuesday” i still wasn’t happy after having been fed everything from “in two weeks”, “oh no way this week, it’ll be beginning of next week” to finally getting the very dissappointing answer “next tuesday”, this means the stuff is now already one week late. So “sometime on tuesday” is not going to cut it. So now we agreed on before noon. That is between 7 when the manufacturer opens to when the barge leaves the dock. If the stuff isn’t there, guess who’s paying the 200€/h barge? I have the longest patience with some things, I swear, but when stuff like this happens my patience is starting to run thin.


On a happier note I got a contact today that sells hides from africa, i might finally be able to find the blu wildebeest hide I’ve been looking for, and I also found a chandelier that has a lot of potential of getting the star part in my lamp project 🙂


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