There’s nothing that can go wrong now..not!

I told the barge that the truck only has one slot that week to make it to the dock, I told the truck driver that the barge leaves for its next gig at noon today and the manufacturer that the truck will only have one chance to transport the goods this week. None of this was true of course, but this is how you manage time tables in the archipelago. So the a -little bit hard to control- barge was there in time, the manufacturer was ready to load at 7 a.m. and the truck… well.. it broke down! So the barge loaded the stuff I had ordered from another distributor and left without the stuff, as they were 6-7 hours late. As the barge costs me 200 €/h, that would have made a hefty bill for nothing. Tomorrow they will try again, to get the eaves wood and panel onto the barge in the morning.

The wind needs to be anything but south tomorrow for the barge to make it to the beach in front of the house, otherwise they’ll have to throw everything onto the other side of the island which makes it much harder to move to the building site and it takes longer time.

Just as I had rescheduled the barge and the builders I get a call from the window maker. Larch tree is a very popular building material these days, my houses’ exterior is going to be entirely out of larch, and so the window maker ran out of larch wood, and are waiting for a lot to dry in their machine so they can continue making my windows. Sigh.. But as the roof needs to be on before the windows arrive it’s a good thing, because if they would have arrived as planned, in a weeks time, they would have lain on the ground for at least a week. Everything has a meaning 🙂

Larch is a very beautiful material, it’s has a red pigment instead of the yellow in pine and spruce and it gets beautifully grey. It is very dense, so it hardly needs any treatment at all to last forever. My panel is going to be a very wide and thick panel to ensure it will last the winds and rains of the archipelago, a 3,5cm thick and 20cm wide panel. The window frames are all wood, also i larch. Here’s the idea:


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