An archipelago update!

My builder is so super fast, he’s had time to put up some of the panels, the roof is finished and now he’s working on the floor isolation. He was there today, on a sunday, and I asked him if he ever takes a brake. He answered “well, you said you’ve started to buy furniture, so I’d better hurry up so you’ll have somewhere to put them” 🙂

The panel is so beautiful, I strongly recommend larch wood and iron sulfate (FeSO4) on the walls, it’s pretty, almost care free and makes the walls wonderfully grey in one to two years. Look how pretty!

Järnvitriol, or Iron sulphate larch wood panel

Behind the wall is the tv room, it looks like it’s high up but remember that the terraces are missing 🙂




The work inside has also started. my builder just finished the north wing floor isolation and continued with the middle part today, the electricians are coming to do the floor electrics for the floor heating next week. Next week is a very eventful week, in addition to the electricity the municipality check is happening on tuesday, the need to see we’ve done everything so far according to plan, and on thursday the WINDOWS! I’m sooooo crazy excited about it.

The floor isolation done on the north wing


I started on an infinityproject by cleaning a hill from dead moss, it doesn’t look too good yet but a wash down with water and a brush is going to make it very pretty, look at the next pic!

The hill when it’s all clean ❤


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