The show must go on..

All though my windows broke today, 3/16 are on they’re way to the island. The barge guy said: “good thing they all didn’t come at once, these are huge!”. I was so tired yesterday, exhausted and sad, but there is still so much to do. I made the mistake of planning the interior to the “fun rooms” like livingroom and bedroom but I have been avoiding, consciously and unconsciously rooms like the laundry room, the kitchen storage and the smaller bedroom. My boyfriend was a great help yesterday measuring the rooms and planning the shelves and cupboards etc. I decided to make a built-in bunk bed in the smaller bedroom. It won’t take any more space than a regular bed, it’s going to look gorgeus.

Here’s the bunk bed idea pics’ I got:

Bunk Bed idea


So my builder relucantly agreed to build this bunk bed idea of mine, it needs to be built in place, which means that is going to be a project for next year.



2 responses

  1. I love the look of a built in bunk bed.. and I wanted to know how much you think 1 built in bunk- bed would be (meaning how much for a top and bottom bunk)? Thanks

    • Hi, I have no idea how much they would cost to build, planks and so isn’t that expensive and you could probably build the out of scraps, if you do it yourself you won’t get any work-hours on the bill either. My estimate would be around 200-300€.

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