I came on vacation on friday, I’m not sure if it’s vacation though, because the are hundreds of things that could and should be taken care of, I’m just not sure I want to do anything right now, because it’s raining and raining and raining, and huge winds so not very nice weather to do anything. I still got some stuff done, I instructed the electricians, booked meetings with the stairs manufacturer and the fireplace mason. Ialso got the final verdict on my windows, they’ll be here in a month, which is really really bad. Being a bit restless after that I took a trailer full of chopped wood and took it to my sisters house on the other side of the island, where I’m staying at the moment. Then I started the project on fixing up a chest my mum inherited from her family, it’s layers and layers of old paint so it’s going to take some time to get it cleaned, sanded and repainted. You can see that I only got half way on the lid today.


After that I deided to go hunting for mushrooms, and found a fistful of delicious golden chanterelles! Yum!



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