Mixed feelings

Building a house is a mental rollercoaster! The feelings range from total whatever (yesterday noon) to total meltdown (last night) to irritation (this morning) and utter happiness (this evening). I’ve noticed hat everytime I get bad news I seem to be getting good news, like yesterday I fond out that the paneling for the inside walls are going to be two weeks late from schedule and at the exact same moment I get an email sang my driftwood table from riviera maison just arrived, yey and booh at the same time. Today I found out we need more buildng material and that there’s is going to be a two week break because of the windows braking and panels being late, but then again we decided to start building the terrace between the two house-wings, so I have something to step onto when I walk out the door šŸ™‚

But just a small warning if you’re planning on building a house, prepare for emotional moments, moodswings and all that comes with it. The success and progress will in the end conquer over the failures and bad moments, and once the house is ready you will be so happy with the result, the more involved you are the better.


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