It’s very seldom in ones life that one is exhausted and excited at the same time. That is the reason I haven’t blogged for a while. I’m too exhausted to write and so excited that the builders have moved on to working on the inside of the house. My fireplace is done, all the windows are installed, the house is being dried up and paneling has appeared on walls. My builder has stopped communicating but old customers of his tell me it’s absolutely normal, that he’ll call when he has something to say. Two mistakes will take one day to fix, a window and a door was placed wrong way around and a wallpaper wall was put on a wall where paneling is supposed to be and vice versa. Otherwise everything has gone smoothly and in a little more than a week when I go to the island things will have come even further. Insane! Here are some pictures of what it looks now.

Bathroom and shed door[gallery]


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